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Plumas National Forest Off-Highway Vehicle Route Designation Update

August 25, 2005 - The rapid expansion of Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use on national forests and grasslands is impacting the natural and cultural resources of federal lands. Dale Bosworth, Chief of the Forest Service, has identified unmanaged recreation, especially impacts from OHV's, as one of the key threats facing the nation's forests today. Unmanaged OHV use has resulted in unplanned roads and trails, erosion, watershed and habitat degradation, and impacts on cultural resource sites.

Help ensure that favorite trails are not left out

As previously announced at Plumas National Forest public meetings, October 1, 2005 is the last day for the public to submit routes that may have been missed and are currently being used by OHV enthusiasts. This information along with the previously inventoried areas will be used to develop an interim Forest Order to be issued by March, 2006. This order will limit OHV use to those routes, trails, and areas that are mapped, until a final environmental analysis is completed. If favorite trails, routes, and areas are not included in the inventory, OHV use in these areas will be prohibited until a final decision is rendered in 2008. Therefore, this is the opportunity to ensure that favorite trails, routes, and areas are included in this process!

Due to fire restrictions that became effective August 1, the operation of internal combustion engines off of forest development roads is prohibited. However, people with a letter of authorization to assist with the OHV route designation process are exempt from the restrictions.

For additional information or questions about the process, contact the following Plumas National Forest employees. Route information should also be submitted to them:
Complete information including maps may also be found on the Plumas National Forest website:

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