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Advance Adapters Releases Tru Pulse GM Sensor

June 28, 2005 - Advance Adapters is pleased to announce the release of the Tru Pulse®, a revolutionary new assembly, which will retrofit a stock GM VSS sensor onto your power train. The Tru Pulse® Assembly uses factory sensors to give a genuine signal to you engine’s computer.

Converting GM engines into other vehicles has been popular for some time. Support systems are key to these conversions running correctly. Until now, when using a 1993 and newer Chevrolet or General Motors engine, there has been no way of externally retrofitting a VSS. When this sensor is omitted or non-operational it will have adverse effects on the performance of the engine.

Tru Pulse® will relocate your VSS onto a driveshaft yoke and send a correct vehicle speed to your computer controlled engine, thus allowing it to run at peak performance at any given speed. Since this assembly is a true retrofit, the stock speedometers found in these tail housings will remain functional. This allows both the stock gauge and the late model VSS to be on the same vehicle.

Tru Pulse® is available now and will retail for $239.00.

For additional information, please contact Advanced Adapters at 800/350-2223 or on the web at

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