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Dana 30 ARB Air Lockers

ARB air lockerARB proudly introduces an exciting new Air Locker for the popular Dana 30 axle. Originally developed for use in the Jeep Liberty's IFS Dana 30, ARB's new RD100 Air Locker also suits standard Dana 30 applications with 3.73 and higher (numerically) ring and pinion sets.

While designing this new differential, ARB engineers integrated several significant technological improvements to ensure the Air Locker maintains its position as the market leader. For instance, the installation of this new Air Locker no longer requires bearing cap modifications thanks to a refined seal housing design. Aside from simplifying the installation process, the potential for error has been significantly reduced.

The addition of ARB's patented timed gear technology ensures all differential gears are perfectly meshed and torque loads are evenly distributed to each gear tooth before the Air Locker will engage. Additional benefits include a significant strength increase when locked, and ultra fast unlocking.

New tapered roller bearings offer an impressive 85% increase in load capacity at the bearing journals. High-quality Timken bearings are included with the Air Locker kit and are commonly available at your local parts store. An extensive shim kit is included, providing enough shims for both sides of the differential. Lastly, the RD100 utilizes a new steel reinforced, elastomer bonded annular seal designed to handle the most extreme climatic temperatures on earth.

For additional information, please contact ARB at 206/264-1669 or

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