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KxStand Jeep Hardtop Stand

KxStandLooking for a new way to store your Jeep's hardtop? KxStand has introduced an innovative way to store it. The KxStand is made of hi-strength, lightweight plastic, and will never rust or corrode. This makes it strong, light, and less expensive to ship. KxStand Stores your top in its upright position, which means it takes up less space in your place. KxStand loads from the side, so you don’t have to lift your top “up and over” anything to mount it. KxStand sports six separate support areas to support your hard top; giving it gentle support over several areas ensures that your top won’t be stressed in any way, or warp over time.

KxStand uses six very strong ball bearing casters, which allow for easy movement in any direction with minimum effort. Six independent wheels give it superior strength just where it needs it. KxStand has excellent structural rigidity, and bends and flexes very little. The side wheels lock securely to ensure that the stand does not move while you’re loading it. A Locking handle then snaps in place to securely lock your top in, and give added strength. KxStand has several “anti-tip” features, such as the wheelie bars (use is optional), which make the loaded stand almost impossible to tip over, even while in motion.

wheels and wheelie barsFoam padding protects your top from scratching and scuffing, as well as protects surrounding items, and your hands. In addition, a giant poly wrap bag encloses your hard top to keep it clean and bug-free. A “Side-Saddle” sealable tie-on bag securely holds your top tools and remaining bolts, etc. during storage so you don’t lose them.

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