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Dynatrac Pro Rock 60

Dynatrac announces the release of the new Pro Rock 60. It is based on a revolutionary, new, high-clearance, high-pinion axle housing. Designed especially for rockcrawlers and other hardcore 4x4 drivers, the Pro Rock 60 offers unprecedented clearance and strength from a drive axle employing standard Dana 60 components. The Pro Rock 60 offers 30% greater clearance than a standard 60, including a massive reduction in the total outside volume of the pumpkin below the axle centerline. Compared to the venerable Dana 44, the Pro Rock 60 offers increased ground clearance with enormous gains in strength.

Dynatrac Pro Rock 60Further performance enhancements include a 40% increase in strength over a stock Dana 60, preserving proper gear mesh under heavy torque load. For unmatched cooling and lubrication, the Pro Rock 60 uses Dynatrac exclusive Dual Sump-High Volume™ (DSHV) oil flow system. Axle builders looking for custom suspension attachment points benefit from the Pro Rock’s optional Suspension Mounting Deck. With a 9 ¾” ring gear, 1 ½” 35 spline shafts and heavy duty bearings and ends, the Pro Rock 60 is designed for years of exceptional performance.

For additional information, please contact Dynatrac at (714) 596-4461 or on the web at

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