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Klune-V Rapid Air Down Valve Stems

Klune-V RADDon't let the rest of the group take off without you! Now Klune-V lets you adjust your tires to the terrain without the wait, without the hassle, without the risk. Their Rapid Air Down (RAD) valve stem is a complete replacement valve stem. It works with standard gauges and air chucks. But it lets you air down lots faster. Just remove the cap, unscrew the easy-to-turn knurled release wheel 2 turns, deflate to the pressure you want, retighten the release wheel, and put the cap back on.

In most cases, no wheel modification is required: the RAD replaces your existing valve stem. It fits both steel and alloy rims 1/8" to 9/16" thick at the valve stem hole with a 3/4" diameter flat seating surface. Grommets for both standard valve stem hole diameters are included. Install it easily yourself or have it added at any tire shop.

For greater protection in severe usage, very thick or highly contoured rims, or for rims where the valve stem is vulnerable or sits in a deep counterbore, it can be custom mounted in a second drilled or tapped hole.

Klune RAD Close-up
Deflates your tires faster than using any other tool or method, including taking out the valve core.
For example: from 31 psi to 9 psi: a 33-12.50x15 takes under 20 seconds, a 35-12.50x15 takes under 40 seconds.

No hoses, tools or fittings to attach, no need to remove valve cores: all you need is your tire pressure gauge. Set tire pressures to suit each individual trail or surface, quickly and directly, without readjusting a deflator.

Key components are made of stainless steel for strength and durability; serviceable parts are all standard. Installed, it sticks out only 1 3/16" from your rim - less than conventional valve stems, let alone deflators.

For additional information, please contact Klune-V at 800-222-3619 or on the web at

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