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Nth Degree Mobility's New Diff Protection

Nth Degree SliderHave you ever high centered on your rear driveshaft? Did you bend it or knock the balance weights off? Or worse, did you break the u-joint or the yoke? The Slider is a bolt-on skid plate designed for you Jeep that can make these woes things of your past. The Slider hides all of the edges and bumps of the stock differential casting, making it easier to slide (glide) over obstacles. Most importantly, it ‘hides’ the flange lip at the back where the cover bolts on, all without giving up any ground clearance. The Slider is an alternative or compliment to ‘shaving’ the diff. The skid plate extends beyond the pinion to protect the spinning yoke and u-joint. This helps prevent expensive and debilitating breakage from contact with rocks, etc.


Sliders will be available for Dana 35 and 44 axles in May 2004. For additional information, please contact Nth Degree Mobility at 775/885-8454 or on the web at

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