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StaK 4x4 Announces Monster Box 3-Speed Transfer Case

StaK 4x4 Monster Box 3-speed Transfer CaseSTaK 4x4 would like to present the "Monster Box", a 3 speed transfer case for the new century. What makes the Monster Box different from other transfer cases on the market today?  

The "Monster Box" transfer case is CAD Designed and built using state of the art manufacturing techniques and equipment in their 9000 square foot manufacturing facility. The "Monster Box" is built utilizing only the best CNC machining, turning, and gear shaping equipment on the market today.

StaK 4x4 is based out of El Paso, TX, and has been in the manufacturing, CNC machining, and tool and die business for 10+ years. The patent pending design allows for excellent gear reduction while maintaining your rear drive shaft length. You can now have all of the benefits of an extra-low gear without sacrificing your stock low gearing from a transfer case that is approximately the same size as other aftermarket transfer cases.

StaK 4x4 Monster Box 3-speed Transfer CaseThese same results can be achieved with a doubler kit or a crawl box, but both of these options require unnecessary tradeoffs. A crawler box limits your gear selections, while the doubler shortens your drive shaft and weighs significantly more than our box. With the "Monster Box" you get 1:1, 3.05:1 and 5.44:1 gear ratios. The "Monster Box" is a great multi-purpose transfer case allowing you to choose the right gear for your environment. Yes, it is nice to have 200:1 on the trail but do you need it all the time?

Generally, extremely low gearing limits the uses of your rig. The "Monster Box" 3.05:1 is excellent for sand hill climbing and mud bogging, while allowing 5.44:1 for those times when slower is better.  So how do the three levers work? Your two outside levers work like any twin stick. The left lever is for the rear and the right is for the front. Your center lever is your low selector for 3.05:1 or 5.44:1 gearing. With the triple stick, you can go to front or rear only in both 3.05:1 and 5.44:1 for front digs and tight turns meaning extra maneuverability.

StaK 4x4 Monster Box 3-speed Tranfer CaseThe "Monster Box" is available with your choice of a left or right hand drop output that is clockable from stock position to virtually flat and it's available for any transmission that has a Dana 300 or Dana 300 aftermarket adapter. There are also replacement units for NP-231 and Ford Bronco Dana 20 options. The "Monster Box" includes a cast aluminum 356 heat treated T-6 case, universal shifters, heavy duty  32 spline front and rear outputs, heat treated Alloy gears, Timken Bearings and 32 spline 1310 CV style Spicer yokes.

For additional information, please contact Stak 4x4 at 915/584-2400 or on the web at

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