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BLM plan to restrict ORV travel

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Joined: 01 Jan 2004
Location: Uzbekistan

PostPosted: Sat May 01, 2004 4:40 am    Post subject: BLM plan to restrict ORV travel Reply with quote

BLM plan to restrict ORV Travel
CODY, Wyo. - Off-road vehicles in the rugged badlands of the McCullough Peaks will be limited to "designated roads and trails" this summer, as set out by the McCullough Peaks Travel Plan released Tuesday by the Bureau of Land Management.

According to the document, ORV use in the area is increasing, and managing the traffic is necessary to protect resources, promote safety and strike a balance between the recreation, ranching and utility interests that use the land.

The plan encompasses almost 120,000 acres of BLM and private property and includes the McCullough Peaks Wilderness Study Area (23,000 acres), the McCullough Wild Horse Management Area (110,000 acres) and 10,000 acres of private land.

ORV drivers have trespassed on private land, according to the report, and traffic counters were placed at key access points in March 2002.

Under the McCullough Peaks Travel Management Plan, the area's 333 miles of roads and trails have been broken down into four categories: 239 miles will be open to all motorized traffic; 21 miles will be for ATV and nonmotorized use only; 30 miles are designated only for administrative use, and 60 miles of road will be closed.

In the Wild Horse Management Area, other roads may be closed in the future during the foaling periods from March 1 to July 15.

Set in motion after a well-attended open house last Aug. 26, the proposal has garnered 28 comments, according to an environmental assessment performed on the area.

"Overall, the comments were supportive of the plan and provided some suggestions for on-the-ground implementation," said the report. "Others expressed opposition to any ORV designations or limitations to travel by motorized vehicles."

The plan is now subject to a 30-day review and comment period before it goes into effect. Public comments can be submitted by May 31 to BLM Outdoor Recreation Specialist Stephanie Sironen, BLM Cody Field Office, P.O. Box 518, Cody WY 82414-0518; or by e-mailing:

Copies of the McCullough Peaks Travel Plan and ORV Routes and the EA can be found in the BLM's Cody Field Office, at all Bighorn Basin libraries or downloaded at
Nothing to see here.
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Joined: 19 Feb 2004
Location: Chandler AZ

PostPosted: Sun Jun 06, 2004 12:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Heres whats goin on in AZ

Most of us know that most vehicles can traverse most of our trails....... what many of us do not think about is "what does it do to the resources and/or trails"? Or "WHAT THE AGENCIES SEE"

"Getting through with help"; "getting through by rock stacking"; "getting through via a by-pass" will and is closing our access to trails. Most specifically to those that do have some resource values that we need to take extra caution with or those that the agencies are watching closely........ or rather the environmentalists are watching.

These guys surf our WEB sites; they join our groups and email lists; and they "sit on the desk of our land managers"!!!!!!

It's very important each of us ensure our vehicles are capable of approaching the challenge of a trail without taking the chance of doing damage or change to the resources. The environmentalists are watching for EVERY SPOT OF OIL; every moved rock they can declare as "changing the watershed"; every possible area of "Critical Environmental Concern" or simply "any/everything" to close OHV out.

I am not trying to start another flame war, nor am I declaring you all do not have the right to explore our back country............... I'm simply asking everyone consider their choice. Soon each of the extreme trails will have vehicle requirements in lieu of "trail ratings". If vehicles are then caught on these trails without proper equipment they will be cited. This is the only way we can keep our trails in condition to "offer the challenge" along with proving to the land managers we "don't impact or damage the land or resources".

Jawbreaker was closed two years ago because of "abuse of the resources"... it is now under appeal but most likely we will lose this trail permanently. Martinez Canyon is certainly NEXT on the list. The recent "tip over" spied by the enviros was most certainly not a benefit to us. Mookie did a great job with his "response" but the enviros AND Tucson BLM will most certainly use the incident against US.

If we can show concern for the resources and responsible recreation we can win this miserable battle but it's going to take all of us to join together and understand the issues.................. We have to look squeeky clean. We need to carry cleaning materials for when spills do happen; we need to eliminate "changing" the land or trail; we need to clean and DE-rock our trails; and most of all.................. take pictures of EVERYTHING GOOD WE DO.

Rob B
Daily Driven 4.5" W/some cool stuff and Things.
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Joined: 19 Feb 2004
Location: Chandler AZ

PostPosted: Sun Jun 06, 2004 12:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I know the limits of my Jeep,
I almost fall asleep on small rated trails, I want to run the Bigger trails.. I am building my rig more but untill then Ill stick to the 3.0-3.5 Bunny trails WHERE I BELONG..
I will stack only in a emergency "Gonna Flop" situation,(I always unstack, and most of the time I even unstack a couple more than what I put there from the previous stackers.)

Theres not enough wheelers like that!
When the enviros find pictures of overturned vehicles they love to jump on the fact that we "must have destroyed the water table with oil products" ! The land managers are still not convinced of the end results of the cleaning products we're using nor are they convinced we can traverse a riparian wash without damaging it or crawl a rock wall and the "tire marks" left are not a "end of the earth problem". Anyone on the technical trails out there know they are in sad shape. They have large oil spills throughout, rocks are stacked to block the normal water flow and (as we've already found in cleaning Annilhilator) are finding beer cans and oil 2 ft deep in rocks and dirt fill. Vegetation is being run over and trees have been pulled off the banks from winching. I've convinced a few of the land managers of the necessity to place "winch points" at some of the waterfalls and areas that seem to gain the most damage from ripping oil pans or breaking axles but when this is done we have another problem to deal with............. convincing our fellow 4-wheeler to USE the winch points rather than rocking a ramp or tearing up the trail to get through. "Winch rather than Rock"
It doesn't take very many unqualified vehicles through a trail that is above their challenge to truly hurt both the trail and the challenge of those that are capable of traversing without doing damage to the resources. I don't know how to convince many that this problem is REAL. Several years ago I was told by a very open minded OHV Manager that we "would probably have to lose something very important to us before we wake up". I didn't see it then but most certainly do now. Take a look at the ORBA WEB page to see some of the HUGE legal issues we're dealing with. Arizona is most definitely immediately behind California in HUGE LOSES. At this time Arizona is the leader in having "route inventories" done and we now have 7 Resource Management Plans in working process within BLM and 3 within Forest Service. A long time rule of "cross country travel" within Forest Service is now GONE FOREVER because of the abuse. ALL trails within both BLM and FS will have to be "Designated..... open, closed or limited". This means if the land mangers find anything they feel "they cannot manage", they will simply "Designate it CLOSED". There is request for something like an additional 6 million acres the enviros want into Wilderness or "managed with Wilderness Criteria". Ariz already has 6.1 million acres of wilderness lands locked to OHV. Game & Fish have sent numerous reports to Tucson BLM requesting ALL roads and/or trails be CLOSED unless they show to be "ROADS WELL USED". NO WASHES; NO ROADS IN OR NEAR SENSITIVE AREAS (of which G&F declare everything to be) and NO OHV (ATV's or bikes) use anywhere on public lands. They are also requesting "Rock Crawling" to be outlawed from ANY PUBLIC LANDS............

Long story................... if we don't get involved in the issues, recognize that we are truly losing the battle, and find a way (like getting businesses involved in ORBA) to fund the legal battles on our near horizon........... WE LOSE. We also MUST start truly abiding by the "LEAVE NO TRACE" thought within our recreation. SOON.
Rob B
Daily Driven 4.5" W/some cool stuff and Things.
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