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Black trim, fender flares, wiper arms, etc.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2006 11:00 am    Post subject: Black trim, fender flares, wiper arms, etc. Reply with quote

Ok, now for some real fun LOL. Painting the black trim around the vehicle, fender flares, wiper arms, moldings, etc. Now you can use products to bring the black back in a dressing type deal like Eagle One’s “Back to Black” to help make it look good but, keep this in mind this is a temporary fix!! The sun can start bleaching it to a gray. Also most have a silicone base that’s gonna take some elbow grease to clean and you will need to get all of this off or fish eye city. Not to mention poor sticking that could later bubble up or peal off. I don’t know about you but, me personally, I only want to do this one time. You can easily get some GOOD spray cans to fix this and be done with it. Remember paint is only as good as it’s foundation.

Q-Can’t I just use cheap spray bombs?
A-Yes, as long as it’s made for Direct to metal or plastic

Q-Why not a cheap 88 cent can? My buddy used 88 cents spray can from Wal-Mart?
A-The biggest problem people can’t grasp is this… YES it will stick, THE REAL QUESTION IS HOW LONG WILL IT STICK? You see any spray will stick to plastic or metal. The question is how long? A day? A week? That’s why it’s so important to get what you need, so you won’t have to do it again. Now two subjects to cover, Paint to Metal, Paint to plastic.

1) Metal- Paint needs something to grab hold on too, to stick to the surface. So you may need to do a primer first that will etch into the metal. Now some companies make a direct to metal paint.
2) Plastic-The nightmare!! Plastic DOES NOT like paint sticking to them!! So careful prep should be done to specs list on the spray can. Also plastic flexes so, you’ll need paint for plastic

Q-So what should I Use??
A-Find a “jobber” (paint supply store for body shop) or store that carries products to do the job. Now some choices…..

SEM. They make great products!! You can see the crew of Overhaulin use it from time to time. They make a product called “Trim Black” That comes in Gloss Black and OEM type flat/satin black. Direct to Metal and Plastic. They also make “Bumpercoater” which is GREAT for fender flares! Also make a good selection of color for interiors to stick to plastic or vinyl. Just bring a sample of the color you need and you can match it up to the color chart.

Krylon-Fusion Direct to plastic Not sure of color choices

Marhyde-Marson-Makes great products like satin black that can stick to metal and plastic. They also make a bumper black too.

Q-What about prep?
A-Follow the directions on the can, you’ll get far better results and it will last longer too. Also with all the plastics out there BE CAREFUL what you use. Some cleaners can eat the plastic and also could get static off the plastic and instant fire ball, not fun. I have seen that happen to someone who did not listen, next thing you know his hand and the bumper went up in flames. Safety First!!

Best thing I could tell you to do is use Dawn or Joy first (make sure no lotions, hand softening etc are in it) wash the part in warm soap water, wash with warm water and repeat one more time to be safe. Also could plastic parts cleaner too if doing plastic.
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Joined: 12 Dec 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 4:35 pm    Post subject: this is how my paint turned out Reply with quote

Use krylon.
About 3 coats.

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