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ORJJ Pre-Run 5/6th & 7th

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Joined: 06 Mar 2004
Location: Tappahannock, VA

PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 4:05 am    Post subject: ORJJ Pre-Run 5/6th & 7th Reply with quote

I do not have a bunch of pics (Only 1 below) but figured I'd at least post up a little bit of info on this pre-run I went to this past weekend.

I had signed up as a Volunteer Trail Guide for the Oak Ridge JEEP Jamboree scheduled for June 2-4th, 2006.

I was like number 36th on the list and the actual number is determined by the number of paid registrations. They were at about the point where they thought they woulkd need the 1st dozen or so volunteers that had atteneded one of the 2 pre-runs. I never expected to make the cut but thought it would be a great FREE way to get a look at Oak Ridge Trails. It is PRIVATE Property and NOT open to the public so only by participating in a sponsered event (Like ORJJ 2006 or our VA4WDA 25th Anniversary event can you even ride these trails!

Oak Ridge is VERY near where we normally go up to Shoe Creek. (I never realized that is where it was!

I had a great time, met some great people and got my pre-view of the trails (Most of them anyway!) This was a combination event of prospective trail Guides Pre-running the trails and a Tidewater 4 Wheelers Trail Work Day event. There were probably about 40-50 Vehicles there and I don't know exactly how many were there for what? Pretty good size turnout! But we managed to stay out of each others way pretty good so that gives you some idea of the scope of trail system.

Oak Ridge is NOT extreme offroading. A lot of the trails are just dirt roads. Occasional fallen tree trunks add a little excitement and there are a few rock gardens. Now there were some spots that were EXCITING mind you! Some mud (Rained heavily/steadily Friday afternoon and evening), some rocks and couple of good rutted hill climbs. I kept hearing about this CJ-5 Hill and how many people had broken stuff there and that had me a little spooked as we didn't encounter it the first day (So I got to think about it a while!) and I didn't particuliarly want to break anything and certainly not on Sunday before needing to drive my heap back home.

My Jeep did pretty good all weekend. I had no real difficulties but having the front and rear locked made easy work for most every obstacle. In fact I was only spotted ONCE all weekend and that was on a newly created (Saturday morning by work crew) section where a CJ-7 bent a tie rod into a pretzle and Jimmy did a number on his front drive shaft, cat converter and transmission/transfercase skid plate! Of course he was taking the hardest line, I took Medium and there is also a complete bypass!

Another CJ-7 lost a fuel pump (after market fuel injection type) and was stuck on trail. A group got into town, got a (NOT exact) repaklcement and got him off trail later in evening. He wheeled again next day on his bodged together rig.

Sunday morning (We had to be off the trail by noon) was capped by a windy, rocky road up to top of Finnley Ridge and finally a fairly deep stream crossing (Beavers are making a DARN DAM right at normal approach to the infamous CJ-5 HILL! ( I heard that 1st vehilcle to make it up was a CJ-5 so he named it!) It was not so much a hill as a set of solid rock steps up out of the water followed by a sharp right turn at top.

This was our 2nd in command Kenny going up CJ-5 Hill with bvery little trouble, I passed my camera to guy behind me but he couldn't get it turned on (ARGGH!) So no pics of me!

As much as I was sweating it and watching 3 others in front of me with varying degrees of success, my heap went pretty much straight up it!

Got to luv my noisy clickety-clack LOCKERS front and rear! I am happy to put up with the NOISE when making slow turns and the front fighting me on every slow turn when in 4LO, just for moments like that!

I would highly recommend lockers as a Mod as soon as feasible for everyone! Their performance does in fact, justify their expense!
I would not want to try CJ-5 Hill and even a couple of the other hills/rocks at Oak Ridge without them, although there were some folks out there with stock vehicles! I had heard of other groups that happily spent the day wenching and strapping folks all over Finnley Ridge/CJ-5 Hill. We had only one occasion for a wench and that was a BIG Mud Hole at bottom of Incline/Mud Hole where Robert our Trail Guide (In training) got his Gorgeously Restored and modded Beige 81 SCRAMBLER solidly stuck and had to wench himself out.

I was feeling cocky and would have liked to tried that same path myself but everyone wanted to press on and bypassed it and went around. I would have made it! (That's my story and I am sticking to it, now that it is immaterial and no one can prove me wrong!)

I did notice right after CJ-5 Hill when we exited trail that my Transfer Case (Hack and Tap) SYE Conversion had again began that same old stupid SLOW Oil Seal leak!!! It slung/slings leaking Transmission Fluid onto HOT Catalytic converter and every time I stopped on way home (2.5 hours) it looked like whole thing was burning up!!! I guess I have to tear that apart AGAIN!!!! ARGggh! I kept checking the level and it was not leaking enough to even need to be topped off but it doesn't take much to cause Indian Smoke signals to roll out from under it at every Stop Lightand people to stare!!!

Any ideas for a permanent fix? Should I drop Transfer Case and replace the Hack & Tap kit with a replacement Shaft kit with a cover? Should I buy a rebuilt Transfer Case with SYE already installed, and replace it saving old Xfer Case as spare? (Wish I had $975 for a HD JB Conversions

I think I also need to replace front wheel bearings (I just don't know how good of shape they are in? What is procedure for doing UniBearings at same time? Are they the bearings and Seal inside, nearest differential? How are they removed and installed? From Inside Differential I assume?[/url]

1992 XJ Laredo
RE6130 4.5" XJ Super-Flex Kit
RE1801 Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit NP231
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