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'94 ZJ valve cover

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Joined: 24 Nov 2005

PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 2:08 pm    Post subject: '94 ZJ valve cover Reply with quote

I want to replace the valve cover on my 94 Grand Larado, partly because it needs it and partly because I want to. I had seen the ones at for the 4.0L, but it mentioned that some modification might be required. I am NOT a modifier, I dont have the tools, experiance, or know-how. Does anyone have any experiance with the quadratec valve cover or know of a better solution?
Thanks. David Richards
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 8:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I myself have replaced a valve cover. I have a '94 Jeep ZJ with and inline 6 4.0 liter...if that is exactly what you is fairly straight forward and can be done in a couple hours. The only problems that I ran into was removing the plastic wire retainer for the spark plug wires. I unfortunately broke the plastic clip in half and also broke the plastic throttle cable holder on top of the valve cover. I just bought some cable holders that were just general and bent them into shape. Then I took an aluminum computer bezel from one of my cases and drilled a hole for the center nub on top of the valve cover to go through. I drilled smaller holes using the old plastic throttle clip as a reference and zipped tied down the throttle cables. I just put a locking washer on it just like the original. are the basic steps for removing the valve cover.

1.) You need to drain the anti-freeze coolant from radiator.
2.) Disconnect the radiator hoses that get in the way of the cover (the ones to the immediate sides of it.
3.) Try to unlock the throttle cables from the plastic clip and in case they break have a back up plan like I did (they might come with the new valve cover if you decided to buy a new one). Feel free to leave the plastic clip base on if you sense in removing it.
4.) Remove the spark plugs from there holders (be careful) and then undo the two nuts that are on the valve cover bolts. After this...Clean around the valve cover bolts so that you do not get debris in the springs and rocker arms.
5.) Remove the rubber grommets for the air intake and the ccv breather. This may take a little force...they are just pushed in the rubber grommets on the valve cover and those grommets can get dry and brittle.
7.) Finally, remove the valve cover bolts.. There are about 8 of them if I am right. They should be just hand tight, so take a socket set and wratchet wrench to them.
8.) Remove the cover and make sure it is clear from the top of the rocker arms before pulling it back towards you (the front of the vehicle). I believe you can also slide it to the side.
9.) Be sure to clean the old residue and gasket from around where the valve cover was, but do not touch the springs and the back of the rocker arms! They will most likely be covered in oil (hopefully clean too).

1.) Put some high-temp Gasket maker (a descently thin amount) all around the bottom of the new cover. Make sure to get around where the bolts go and everything. Make sure it is fairly evenly spread (just use your fingers and wash them afterwards)
2.) Insert the new rubber grommets for the breather and the air intake. You should wait to install the plastic tube angles.
3.) Place the valve cover back on and torque down the valve cover nuts.
4.) Push in the new plastic angles but be sure to have a grip on them where they won't break can feel it. Sometimes it helps to put high temp gasket maker around the base of the plastic angle to make it more slippery...
5.) Reconnect the breather tubes and the air intake tube.
6.) Reconnect the throttle cables into the throttle holder.
7.) Put the spark plug clip back on and tighten only to hand tight. (overtightening will break it at the base)
8.) Put the spark plug wiring back in place.
9.) Reconnect radiator and cooling system hoses (You can get new hose clamps if you want, just make sure they are the same as the old ones)
10.) Put coolant drain plug back in....preferably a new one....just a few bucks at the auto store.
11.) Refill with new coolant. Remember it most likely takes 50coolant/50distilled water depending one what driving conditions. I just get the premix.

If I've left anything out...or made mistakes...feel free to correct me. I have had no leaks since I did mine!
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