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Corbeau Baja Ultra SS seat install >> '00 XJ

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Joined: 26 Mar 2004
Location: Stormtroopin....

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 1:09 am    Post subject: Corbeau Baja Ultra SS seat install >> '00 XJ Reply with quote

This is a replacement of the driver's side seat and was pretty much a straightforward install, but contains one or two tips that aren't commonly found out in the net. But more on that later.

Items shipped:

1. Corbeau Baja Ultra SS Seat (wide or narrow depending on the type ordered)
2. Seat rails
3. Packet of Torx 35 bolts, lock nuts, and regular nuts

Items to order separately:

1. Mounting bracket for Jeep year/model

Tools needed:

1. Socket/wrench set (mechanical and manual wrenches) in both metric and SAE (primarily 13mm)
2. Torx socket set
3. Phillips-head screwdriver
3. Ballpeen hammer

Items to fab up:

1: 5-6" long piece of metal, rather thick, with two good-sized holes drilled at either end.

(...more on this later...)

First thing is to remove the factory seat, which is 3 13mm bolts on the floor, 1 16mm (??? a guess on size) nut one the floor in the back, and one Torx 45 bolt attached to the seat underneath. You also should remove the plastic seatbase shield with a phillips-head screwdriver so you can see the nuts/bolts better. Once the 3 floor bolts and 1 nut are off, you need to flip the seat over while still in the cab. Don't pull on the seat too much as you will see the seat belt dock attached to the bottom WITH a thin wire going into the console area. Use the Torx 45 on the bolt and remove it and the washer from the frame, then pull the seat out the rest of the way and put to the side. Now the fun begins. Twisted Evil

The factory rails now need to be removed form the bottom of the seat, but depending on the condition of your seat you may only have to remove 1-3 bolts. Because the metal used to anchor the seat is pretty thin, chances are good that one or more bolts may already be pulled away or popped out due to stress getting in or out of your XJ, offroad offcamber situations, etc. Two of mine at the front were completely worked through, but I still had to contend with a 13mm wrench to free the back two from the rails.

Once the factory rails are free, it's time to attach the mounting bracket to 'em, remembering alignment of the rails as they go back into the XJ. If you look at the bracket, it attaches one of two ways. One way sits about 1/8" higher than the other, so I put the lower end of the bracket to the front of the rails (at the front of the seat). Then align the rails to the bolt posts and fit the rails into the holes and tighten the nuts back on (not all the way). Fitting the new bracket to the rails is a VERY tight fit, as I had to tap the top of the bracket with the hammer somewhat to get the last rail to pop in, but at least it ain't going anywhere when it all fits together.

Once the mounting bracket is on the frame rails, the next thing to go on is the Corbeau seat rails. This is actually a SECOND set of rails that sit on top of the factory runners and is also adjustable by a handle that pokes out the front. (Interesting note: when you remove the old seat from the Jeep, the factory adjustable bar may pop off. Just reattach it to the frame rails when you're reassembling everything and you're set.) Under the rails there are four mounted screws that align with four holes in the bracket, and can be positioned either left, middle, or right depending on fitment in the cab. I started and stuck with the middle fitment as it was even in space (or lack thereof) on each side. Then you'll need to tighten down the bolts with 1/4" nuts (using a 1/2" wrench) until they are all tight. This is slightly problematic, since you have a small amount of space to move the wrench, and there isn't enough room to fit a mechanics wrench unless it's REALLY THIN. Now you are ready to mount the whole thing in the Jeep!!! Mr. Green

With this step you definitely don't want to mount everything with the seat already attached because you won't get enough room to move the wrench back and forth to really torque down everything. Start by putting the frame down on the floor with the rear bolt going in first (which is welded to the floor), THEN putting the bolts to the other 3 holes. Afterwards, check your alignment of the mounting frame until you have a tight fit to the floor AND the rails, then tighten everything down to specs (good hand tightening for the seat bolts). Once comfortable with the strength of the frame, bracket, and seat rails, it's on to the seatbelt dock.

Now, here's the part where you should decide to fab up your metal bar. Because the height of the entire assembly is greater than factory, the lap/shoulder belt now has to contend with this PLUS the higher sides of the seat. This makes it really tough to connect your seatbelt, AND since using a 5-point harness as a replacement is illegal for on-road driving (at least in Virginia), you'll need to either deal with a VERY TIGHT seatbelt OR fab up an extension to the seatbelt dock. Since the dock attaches to a metal hole in the frame rail, adding a 5-6" piece of metal with the same sized holes will raise the height of the seatbelt dock, making it far easier to connect the seatbelt. DO NOT REMOUNT THE DOCK TO HARD PLASTIC LIKE THE CENTER CONSOLE, AS THIS WILL NOT SUPPORT YOUR WEIGHT IN A COLLISION. In any case, reconnect up the seatbelt dock to the frame rail and move on to the seat.

The seat is the easiest part of the whole install because of the position of the bolts to the frame isn't difficult to get at. Pop the seat into place and align the 4 holes up to the holes in the seat rails, then grab a 13mm wrench and a Torx 35 socket wrench. Face all 4 Torx bolts to the outside areas of the seat and prethread the locknuts under the seat. With the wrench firmly on the locknut, spin up the Torx wrench while maintaining a tight grip on the wrench (or braced against the floor). Do this for each bolt and you're done! Hop into the seat, shift your weight around, then hop out and tighten up everything you can get to again to make doubly sure it's all locked down.


1. Frame is made of hardened metal, so it'll take LOTS of abuse.
2. Bucket seat is very comfortable and comforms to you well.
3. Has slots for your 5-point harness.


1. The added height of the seat makes it an adventure climbing in and out of your rig. (HINT: ASS-FORWARD, BOTH DIRECTIONS.)
2. The added height of the seat makes you come close to hitting your head on the ceiling under NORMAL DRIVING CONDITIONS. (Offroading should be a REAL ADVENTURE, not to mention a headache... Confused
3. The added height of the seat makes the seatbealt a LIVING NIGHTMARE to disconnect/reconnect without some sort of lenghtening involved.
4. As tall as I am, the added height means very little wiggle room for adjustment, if any.

Enjoy!!! Pix to follow!

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Joined: 06 Mar 2004
Location: Tappahannock, VA

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 3:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

No Pictures?

1992 XJ Laredo
RE6130 4.5" XJ Super-Flex Kit
RE1801 Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit NP231
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Joined: 08 Feb 2008
Location: Forney, Texas

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 4:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Any chance you'll have pics soon? i have some Corbeau's in my Datsun 280ZX and they are decent seats. I'd love to see how they fit in the XJ.


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Joined: 26 Mar 2004
Location: Stormtroopin....

PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Gotta get off my keister and take some. Since the move I'm missing about half of my stuff, so the camera could be at the house... Neutral

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