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Trails in KY

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Joined: 09 Jul 2007

PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2007 10:55 pm    Post subject: Trails in KY Reply with quote

Just thought I would post some info about places to offroad here in centeral KY... Feel free to add to it or ask any questions at all...

First is the more popular one: Cromer Ridge:

Location: Exit 49 of I-75 look for the "49'er" gas station and head up the hill right next to it... Or look at my handy map

NOTE: Not me... Just stuff from youtube... These trucks are cooler than mine (for now Wink )

Notes: May be close to offroader by the end of summer... Not for sure but I would be sad if they did... Remember: If you go making a good impression help... Pack out anything you bring in and maybe even pick up some trash...

Second my personal favorite: Random nameless Daniel Boone park area

Location: Erm.. Middle of nowhere?
Map. (use the zoom out and other tools to find someplace you are farmilar with)

No convient youtube stuff because not many people know about this place so I am a little short on media... The only stuff I have is stuff I did myself...
So here is a longish video of me climbing a hill in my stock zj (Please ignore my friend that took this... I AM NOT "breaking it" ITS A JEEP... IT LIKES THAT!)

If you're not up for a 42Mb dl try this... It suck though.. No actual driving.. Just me shooting up the place (someone online mentioned that the gun in one of my photos was probably "plastic" so this is in response to that).

Also a couple of images (linked so I don't ruin the page):

Erm.. Only one image.. Apparently I take mostly video but I am to lazy to upload the rest of them to my server...

1. This is my favorite area because for me offroading should include a sense of adventure and exploration rather than just a series of obsticles... This means a remote location, few people (though you will definitely see a couple of faces at this location if you go on a nice weekend but it will be an occasional face rather than a continous stream of them) and lots of long trails to explore and just kind of drive around and see what over the next hill or beyond that next hole... This place fits the bill perfectly.. There are a wide variety of challenges for any rig and any skill level but plenty of deversions as well (swimming in one of several creeks, rock climbing if you have the equipment and desire, camping, etc).

2. As I mentioned this place is out of the way and sort of "unofficial" (though I am pretty sure it is legal to drive there since they do hold some sort of competition for ATVs once a year) and in one of the crappier areas of a state beset by drug problems thus (I am told) drug dealer sometimes have hidden meth labs or weed field back there and as you might guess they are not terribly friendly... If you go alone or at night it is best to bring a gun... While I have never actually SEEN a drug dealer there I did get have a run in with a shady character of sorts:
One night shortly after a break up I was in a miserable mood so I decided to go blow off steam in a 3 or 4 ton motor vehicle (GREAT right? Um.. Right?)... I headed out without any thought to the late hour or what I was bringing with me.. Racing down the main trail (fairly nice but still curvy and gravel) at 65 I got about 1 mile (I am suprised I made it that far) before spinning out going off the trail and hitting a tree... But because its a jeep and its awesome it didn't break anything and I did not give a cr4p at that point... I headed off on another (much rougher) trail that would eventually lead out via a hidden enterance.. Going slower but still way to fast I had a flat... Well.. Remember how I had given no thought to what I had with me? Yeah.. One of the things I was missing was a jack after a heroic effort to pry up the car with a digging bar and shove rocks under it I managed to get the flat off but the spare would not go on and I could not de-air it because I had no air pump.. I tried digging a hole but had little luck in the rocky ground... Finally I gave up and decided I would have to get help.. I hike to the top of a hill (about a half mile from the jeep) and finally got some crappy cell phone coverage... After being assured that the Fire dept. and some neighbors of my mom's (she lives in the general area) were looking for me I headed down.. Just as some jerk in a buggy took off after having slashed my spare.. He was probably gonna do more damage if I had not got there just then... Wound up having to leave the Jeep and come back the next day since by the time the neighbor made it to where I was in his 4x2 after the fire dept claimed it was "to rough" even though they were on ATVs it was 2:am and I had work at 7am.
The moral(s) of the story:
DON'T go offroading when you want to kill someone.. The person you kill will be youself.

DO carry the proper equipment at all times

and: DON'T go to this location at night without a gun and/or some friends.

Sorry for the long post...
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