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1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport, auto, 4.0 stalling at odd times

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Joined: 16 Oct 2007
Location: woodbridge, va

PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2007 5:37 pm    Post subject: 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport, auto, 4.0 stalling at odd times Reply with quote

Hello, new to your forum, I give up and thought i would seek help! I have and love my 1998-9 model year, Jeep Cherokee Sport, 4.0 Automatice with a distributor... I have had this truck since it had 1 mile, now it has 170K, i have taken care of it well, runs like new when it runs that is....

Here is what's happened, it started stalling, going 70 down rt 81 to go check out Skyline Drive in N.VA. pulled to the side of the road, about a minute later it started right up. Continued on my journey, got to the small town of Skyline i suppose and it kept stalling. Found and autozone, got some throttle body cleaner, checked the air filter etc... cleaned the throttle body out and it wouldn't start at all then. figured i check for spark, and nothing, so i figured i may have a bad coil, i mean after that many miles and everything is original etc... replaced the coil in the parking and voila, it starts.

Confident the issue was resolved i continued on my journey, i was going up this mountain and it stalls again half way up, i pull to the shoulder now concerned that i wouldn't get back home since i was 2hrs away. 1 min or so later it started right up again. Now this is a distrubutor, no cam or crank sensor, at this point i hight tailed it back home, close to 2hr drive no biggie got home.

So far i threw a parts grenade and them some, replaced:
Coil, Pick up, Throttle position Sensor, Intake Air Temperature Sensor, Idle Air Sensor, MAP Sensor (thinking it was an altitude issue). I had replaced the O2 Sensors and thermostat and coolant temp sensor about 2yrs ago, just because.

As of today, it stalls on me at stop lights, sometimes doing 20-30mph, sometimes 50mph or above. What tickes me off is that no code is stored, ever! Drives me nuts that i have an ODBII scanner and all yet it never triggers a code of any kind. Today i did notice though, this second cable attached to the trottle, not the accelator but the other one, id assume it goes to the transmission, didn't follow yet. Any way that cable is braided and i noticed a strand was broken, i'm figuring on replacing that cable next, maybe the throttle components are not communicationg well to the transmission causing a stall condition due to bad readings and there is no sensor to pick it up? I love my truck, i know the engine is sound and so is the transmission...

I have read just about every thread hoping to find something similiar but this is beyond the basics, i have a real hunch it's this second cable on the throttle were there is a broken strand causing what ever it goes to not to get a good reading, then again, it could be something else and i'll just keep adding to the list of stuff i replace :-)

Any ideas folks?
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Brad The Best

Joined: 14 Jan 2007
Location: Kamloops B.C Canada

PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 7:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

is the other cable perhaps for your cruise control .

change fuel filter , maybe the fuel pump but it should of completely died by now .

some times vehicles just get a bug up there ass . i see you haven't replaced your cps , thats what i would recommend .
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