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Some tech for AMC V8 guys

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Joined: 20 Jun 2004

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2004 1:05 pm    Post subject: Some tech for AMC V8 guys Reply with quote

Here are some articles I plagurized from for your reading.

Here is show a engine block cut in half and you are looking at the oiling to the mains from the large oil galley that runs down either side of the lifter bore BUT ONLY oils the mains on the passenger side. When i drill mains out i use a .337 drill this makes the the main oiling hole larger by.018 it may not seem like much but it REALLY makes a difference

here are the pics :idea:

It is very important that the distributor and cam gear are properly oiled..if not they will chip, break or wear very fast and the pieces end up ruining your oil pump (timing cover) and eventually end up opening your oil filter bypass and damaging bearings,crank,cam,lifters and in some cases spleening your roller rocker bearing. Here is a pic of where why and how oil gets to your cam and distributor gear. The large timing gear (upper gear) depending on the manufacturer MUST have these oiling holes or grooves with a recess on the other side facing the front of the engine for oil to reach your gears....Lets take a look

Here is a list of things that can cause distributor and cam gear wear.

1. Oiling holes throught the large timing gear, the groove for the oiling hole must be at 2:00 from the keyway, also all passages must be clear.

2. Cam bearing at the front of the block must have a groove in it, this sends oil through the cam at all orientation and rotation of the camshaft.

3. The cam must have a 90 degree oiling hole setup to feed the timing gear and must be free from casting obstruction.

4. Cam gear must be matched to the distributor gear. Their are 2 types of cam gears out there and 3 types of distributor gears, they CANNOT be mismatched, replacing just the cam gear will cause big problems.

5. The timing cover: The oil pump drive gear's shaft that connects to the distributor goes through a hole in the timing cover, this is a precision hole and if tapered can cause distributor gear wear.

6. Oil pump gears: Using longer than stock or poorly made after market gears can cause chatter, binding or premature wear of teh oil pump drive gear's shaft hole. When you install a aftermarket kit that comes with new gears the idler gear pin MUST be longer.

7. Oil filter.......Yes oil filters can cause premature dizzy and cam gear wear. If you run the wrong oil (too heavy) or a filter that gets clogged early or a filter that isnt a high flow you open up your oil filter bypass and not only send dirty oil through your motor, you also exerpt a high amount of pressure on the oil pump and that alone can cause gear wear, this happens mostly on start up. In late 88 chrysler got rid of the oil filter bypass on the oil filter adaptor, after market oil filter adaptors also have this cast in. Beware that if you use a high pressure oil pump spring without a oil filter bypass you run the risk of ballooning your filter.

8. Cam walk: Cam walk can be attributed to a cocked or poorly place cam plug (large freeze plug that hold the cam from leaving the rear of the block. Also cam walk can be caused by bad lifters, worn cam bearings, cam bearings installed improperly, or a poorly ground can and in some cases a new cam that gets flattened on startup (Dang summit!)

I have seen a AMC V8 go 210,000mls without any cam walk and very little gear wear. I have also seen a AMC V8 go 2 miles and eat the gears. The factory engineers knew all this and they put these motors together accordingly. Building a AMCV8 can be a expensive build and its a dirty dirty shame to have something like a cam or distributor gear go out, this can cause Major scoring on the oil pump cavity and also can cause theoil filter bypass to open and voila, roached bearings. Hope these hints help anyone out who is building a AMCV8.


A Hint Here:

I have 5 timing covers here from various years all need MAJOR fixing due to customers installing NEW* oil gear sets and not watching for burrs on the drive gear's shaft where the slot was put in, here is a pic of where the burr is....DO NOT FORCE YOUR GEARS INTO THE COVER! This gouges the cover and oil is pumped up through the hole the shaft goes into and starves the WHOLE MOTOR of oil. Be carefull out there guys

mopar sets are .010
mellings are .012
Bulltears are .0085
sealed power are .0085
fastecs are .011

The thinner the gasket the tighter the pump, the tighter the pump the more efficient it is

Here are the oil filter adaptors, this is right before tri-cloro cleaning, We use a sonic tri-cloromethane cleaning that also incorporates heat, This gets the oil out of the porous casting and is the key to good cohesion of the nickle, some of those are newer crown automotive adaptors and some are stock

here is the tank that cleans them, tricloromethane and sonic wavelengths scour the porous casting and removes emmbedded grease! The tri-cloro boils and rises and then hits the super cooled water which condensates th tri-cloro and settles it, you cant even smell it from where the pic was taken!! Very cool

Here are some covers which have been cleaned and bead blasted to give the nickle the best possible surface condition, notice the one in the middle, it still has the harmonic balance seal, that is my personal one, i got big plans for it so i left the seal in, normally i dont

Here are the adaptors, notice the different casting #'s!!! this is after cleaning and blasting

here they are back from plating, it took several hours and is not a cheap process, this is a build up of .002 Ni. Next they will be fitted with custom fit oil gears, like the ones we sell with the hand lapping and broken edges. This is one of the final stages of building the Ultimate oiling system for your AMC V8

here i am with an end fit into the pump cavity, The gears had to be taken down .003 and the fit is less than .001 which is far greater than stock and the great thing is that it will hold that tight dimension for years, if the proper and clean oil is used

I also suggest using a .0085" thick gasket for the end, these can be bought with a kit from me or federal mogul under the name sealed power. Why use this gasket? When you increase the distance between the end of the gears and the oil filter adaptor pressure loss will occur, these set-ups leave the shop in better than factory specs and hold spec longer than just a new or rebuilt oil pump, anyeays here is a pic of the gasket, about gears

here i am checking the bore to gear clearance,when doing a mod like this the bore must be checked and measured 3 times, here you will see teh numbers........these came in around .001 to .002 (exellent!)

Here is the gear end clearance, the proper way to measure this is to take a feeler guage and strait egde. Depending on the gasket between .004-.006

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2004 2:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great write up.

Im gonna lock this one. Its duplicated in General Tech so coments can be made over there.

Real Jeeps dont wear Bra's
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