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Touch up time!!

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2006 11:00 am    Post subject: Touch up time!! Reply with quote

Most of the time people want to touch up their rides. Fix that scratch or chip. So here is a guide to help you understand the world of touch up.

Q-What do I need? Can I just say I need the white used on the 96 Jeeps?
A- NO!! You will need what we call a color code.

Q-Well it says Polar White; can’t you give me a Polar White touch up?
A-NO!! DO NOT GO BY NAMES. They will get you in trouble!! Why? It’s like this if you go into look at paint chips, you will notice the book will have Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, etc. Then when you open the book for Chrysler you will notice they go by years so, if you open 96 you may find 5-6 whites and they will list the most used name for the color. So the color you need may be listed as “Bright White”. Keep in mind; names are used to sell the vehicle. So your color may be listed as “Polar White” on a Jeep, Same color could be used on a Dakota as “Super White”, on a Plymouth Voyager “Mint White” but, it’s all the same color!!

Q-Where do I find the color code? Are they all the same?
A- NO!! This will be for Chrysler only. If you need one for your DD or something, PM me I’ll tell you where to look. Wink

OLDER models-There will be a metal tag under the hood. Most of the time on the firewall or radiator support. Sometimes on the inner fender or under the cowl panel (panel under the wiper arms). What you want is the last line, look for two three digit codes that will have the first digit change and the second to be the same.

Example- PW1 QW1 X 32 HG45
PW1 QW1 is the code.

NOTE if it’s a two tone paint job it would be- PW1 XC7 X 32 HG45
PW1 XC7 would be the 2 colors.

NEWER models- will be on a tag on the bottom side of the hood, drivers door or door jam.

Example- PNT PW1 PNT=Paint PW1 is the color code.

Q-Now that I have my Code XXX will it be a dead match?

Q-Why won’t it match?
A- Here comes the can of worms!! LOL

1) The paint on the vehicle is old and could be damaged by UV rays or fading.
2) Please keep in mind that cars so mass produced and are made all over the world at different plants. So you will get shade variations. Why? My though they did blue vehicles, changed to your color and there is still blue in the lines so, now you have a bluer shade. The touch up will go by popular shade or original specs at head quarters.
3) Today’s paints with pearls, metallics are spray sensitive. Meaning if you change Temp, humidity, air pressure, distance from the surface, rate of speed you will get a different shade. If you use a brush or pen touch up and looks lighter try a second coat. Still to light or Dark? Change the brush stroke if you applied upwards try going down or side ways, just like painting the old oil tanks with alum. Paint, change your brush stroke you get a different shade. Also keep in mind it also depends on how color blind you are and how well you can see the shade variations.

Q-They don’t make it why?
A-They will only make popular colors. So you could have a color that wasn’t popular? Also could be WAY too many shade variations so, they won’t make it because to many would complain “It doesn’t match”. Also may not be able to make that color in a touch up because of the type of paint they used to make it. That’s why sooooo many cars are produced in a Base coat clear coat, that’s the only way that could make that color and you have some many choices now using the base coat clear coat.

Q-So what can I do?
A-Try the dealership, see if they can order it in? Also try a “jobber” store, a store that supplies the body shops. They might be able to make you one? Also might be able to give you good advice on the best way to touch it up.

I hope this helps you. As for tips… It’s always hard to tell you what to do because sight unseen it’s hard to make a recommendation. I would go to a jobber and see if they can point you in the right direction. Also you can use like a model brush for better results, the one they give in touch ups in my opinion is they stink. Light coats are best and take your time.
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