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Temp Gauge Readings

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Joined: 17 Aug 2005
Location: Atlanta/Athens, Georgia

PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 10:00 pm    Post subject: Temp Gauge Readings Reply with quote

I recently replaced the water pump in my ZJ due to a leak. I've been trying to watch the temperature gauge to see if my Jeep is running at around the same temp as before. When I first start it up and begin accelerating, it goes to the notch just past the middle reading of 210 degrees, after a few minutes it drops back to the normal 210. However, when I tried to judge what temp that this notch represents I realized that they are not correctly proportioned. The first half of the gauge has four notches that are from the low end of 100 to 210 degrees and the second half's four notches are from 210 to 260 degrees. What in the hell does each notch indicate? I'm guessing that the needle doesn't travel across the gauge at a consistent rate. Does the first half of the gauge indicate in increments of 22 degrees? (210-100=110, 110/5=22) Therefore, does the second half indicate increments of 10 degrees? (260-210=50, 50/5=10) Or is the temp gauge just kind of an idiot indicator to show when the engine is in the red and running hot and when it is running normally- below 260 degrees?
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Joined: 30 Mar 2006

PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2006 6:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey nixt,
I'v been studying it too. Today I changed thermostat in 4.0, every thing went Grand Very Happy untill the botom bolt slipped off fingers,sure could use more room in there! The errant bolt could not be found,finally loosened belt and could spin w/pump pully and could hear tinkle inside back of pully, which is only open at top of course, had to pull fan and pully then bolt gravitated down to another mystery location so after some serious prayer,which seemed to help better than a good string of cussing, found it where belt meets harmonic balancer. So along with draining rad and filling again and cleanup it took about 6 hrs for a lousy thermostat. Originally changed it because was getting bad cooling sensor in VIC and after changing what looked like a new sensor(bought GCL in March) it still came up with VIC problem continously. Asked around and no one had an answer to sensor problem untill some one said they didn't think thermostat could be problem. It would seem if therm was opening too soon and hanging open, the cold/closed loop rich/run would time out and engine would still be running too cool. new thermostat is 192*F, slightly below one mark before 250* which would be below 200*F. So I think the 100 mark is just an indication of a start of sensing range on the gauge, after that all incriments must be 10* F. Hope this makes sense to you, if you have access to a laser/infrared thermometer, shoot the hose at the therm or at the therm housing and compare to the gauge reading if you want to be absolutly, positively, clearly, sure.................... Very Happy Tony
By the way when I tested the sensor in hot water with ohm meter it read in a linnear path with the temp rising,the 100 mark is just to say its starting to reach readable voltage, or an idiot mark.
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