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Story time, its a long one

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Joined: 08 Jul 2005
Location: Harrisonburg, VA

PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2006 11:13 am    Post subject: Story time, its a long one Reply with quote

So I was rear ended the other day by my buddy in his dads Honda accord. We were getting off the interstate and there was a light at the top of the ramp. I came to a stop and had just barely tapped the gas when I saw a car coming over the crest of the overpass. Being that I had a red light I stopped to "play it safe" I could have made it but why temp fate right? Well I found out that even when you don't temp fate (extreme sports are my hobbies by the way) it will still come to bite you in the ass, literally.
My friend thought I had gone and was looking left also to see if it was clear. He then turned his attention back to what was in front of him, he got the closest view of my suspension he ever wanted to see (only a 2" bb boost) and went to slam the brake. Given he usually drives an Acura Integra (pretty fast, my choice for a street car) which was in the shop with a toasted torque converter. So when he went to slam on the brake nothing happened. Thinking quickly, but not smartly, he used both feet to try and find that brake pedal, to his embarrassment, he missed it every time.
About that time he ran into me going about 3 miles an hour. So we got out of the road and parked our respective cars on the side of the road. So I hop out and with horror looked at the sad, shattered remains of a car. Then fear set in. I though, ďhis hood looks like an upside down taco, his radiator is cracked and leaking, his lights would be more useful to signal aircraft and there is a small 3 inch wide gouge in his sagging bumper. I braced for the worst thinking my car was in shambles. Much to my surprise I looked at the bumper, a little less warped than it has been since getting pulled out of some mud (a whole different story), and there was a new little hole in the cover. Sure I didnít see my exhaust at first because there were a few scuff marks on my gas tank and that grabbed my attention first.
So about this time a state trooper pulls up, best response time ever by the way, and proceeds to get my friend a tow truck and a ticket for following to closely. I started to make room in my car for him and some of his belonging. About this time I had noticed my exhaust was crammed up behind my bumper and had a small 3 inch wide sliver of his bumper in it.
So all in all with only $293.65 worth of damage I think my ZJ pulled through rather well. I guess it is a testament to a time when quality not quantity was the order of the day. To think that my gas tank fared better than the whole front of his car is amazing to me. After seeing this I will probably never by a Honda or any other sedan for that matter. Screw crumple zones, aluminum and fiberglass; give me some cold hard steel.
And his dadís car, after chatting with his insurance rep, probably totaled. And it was only a 9 year old car.
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