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Joined: 17 Sep 2006
Location: Bellingham

PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 11:49 am    Post subject: Headroom? Reply with quote

I'm new to Grand Cherokees, I just picked up a 2005 GC Laredo for my wife to drive. She likes it, she loves it, etc. etc. I think it is pretty cool except for one thing....the headroom. I'm 5-11 and if I sit up straight in the drivers seat my not-long hair brushes the headliner making a constant "tickle". It is basically annoying. I have adjusted the seat as low as it will go. My rig does have a sunroof, so I guess this lowered the ceiling an inch or two. Has anybody else had this experience or have any ideas? Head shaving is not an option Smile I'm definately keeping it regardless since I'm just an occasional driver. Thanks.
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Joined: 17 Aug 2005
Location: Atlanta/Athens, Georgia

PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 7:21 am    Post subject: headroom Reply with quote

My previous vehicle was a chevrolet blazer and I had a similar problem. The blazer had a cloth interior and in the wintertime the static electricity had my hair sticking to the ceiling. That wasn't the worst part though; everytime that I touched the door to get in I would get shocked. Sometimes at night, the shock was so great that I could see it as it jumped from the door handle to my hand. People told me that something in the vehicle wasn't grounded properly but I took it to the dealer and they found nothing wrong. They told me that with the cold climate people tend to wear bigger, fluffier clothing and that combined with the heater moving the air around leads to static electricity being built up. The main culprit proved to be the cloth seats. The cloth causes a tremendous amount of static electricity to built up and stored and then you get shocked when it is discharged. Because of this, I'll never own a vehicle with cloth seats ever again. I'd rather have vinyl or an all weather fabric interior than cloth. If I ever have to buy a vehicle with cloth seats I'll have the interior reupholstered.
As for your Jeep, does it have cloth seats? I can sympathize with you on the headroom issue since I have to ride with the seat all the way back in my '98 Grand Cherokee. In most vehicles when you add the sunroof option it lowers the ceiling height by 2-3 inches but in my ZJ the seat is positioned far enough under the sunroof to actually give me more headroom but around the frame I can still sometimes feels my hair brush against the ceiling if I sit up straight. I doubt that the aftermarket has offered anything to help you with your predicament yet since your Jeep is so new. I have read about replacement seat brackets for the wrangler made to lower the seat and move it back to give more head and legroom to taller drivers. I bet that it would cost a fortune, but you could have some custom seat brackets made for you that could lower the seat down for you by an automotive cutomization shop. If you think about someone like Shaquille O'Neal- he is 7'1" how the hell can he fit into any vehicle other than a high top van? I've seen him on TV showing all of his customized cars and he owned some sort of European sports car (Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche). I have some trouble fitting in one of those things and I'm only 6'3". He has had new seats installed when he had the gawdawful gucci interior put in when the car was "pimped". So if it really bothers you, and you are willing to spend the cash, you can keep your hair without it sticking straight up everytime you get out of the car.
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