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Leaf Springs Got Ya' Down? - Grease Em Up!!!

Author: CoreyXJ

My Rubicon lift relies on the the age old "add-a-leaf" idea. Ever since I took apart the factory spring packs, and upset the bushings, they have creaked, groaned, and made more darn noise than the stereo on the inside. Soooo I once again decided to put the beast up on stands and take 'er apart.

Remove the leaf springs
I started by pulling the studs out just like you were taking the spring out...
Pull the studs to release the springs
The grease I used was wheel bearing grease and is nice and thick. Use any grease you want as long as its not watery.
!!!!!DO NOT USE WD-40!!!!!
Grease to use
Once you pull the springs down and the bushings are exposed. Lube em up like its your job. Shown here the shackle gets a face full of grease(those were some squeaky bastards...)
Apply grease to the shackle
This is what it looked like after I got done doing the sliming. Nice and clean to a point. Don't over do it because at that point you are just wasting it.
Finished greasing the springs
Afterwards I drove around the block and to my amazement....It sounds sooooo much better. It made no noise at all!!! Finally some peace and quiet.


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