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Jeeperman Front Bumper Install

Author: JaySea

When I was shopping for a new front bumper I wanted one that functioned as well as it looks...after awhile I discovered Jeeperman bumpers.....A bumper with all the extras in the base price.....winch plate, roller fairlead mount, d-ring mounts, and light tabs for mounting lights...not to mention how well built it is.

Step one to removing stock bumper:
Remove the 4 bolts at the top of the bumper where the tow hooks mount. After that remove the 2 bolts on the underside of the bumper and pull stocker bumper off.....

Step two installing Jeeperman bumper:
Because of the weight and size of this bumper it might help to have milk crates or even some buckets to set the bumper on to help with ease of installation....I didn't have either and got by without any probs....insert bumper in place of stocker and bolt back up....this bumper requires no modification to install....perfect fit....I even have a steering box skid and it fit perfect with that....I was very pleased to discover that fact.

After the bumper is on, bolt all the bolts back up and take a step back to look at your new Jeeperman bumper.

Some pics:
Showing winch plate...also notice I switched the tow hooks around so that they could still be used with this bumper


I don't have a winch yet so I decided to modify the little plastic swaybar cover to work with this bumper....I cut away any parts that would keep the cover from laying flat


Here's how it looks with the cover:

Here's a before and after pic:


If you have any questions about this bumper or the write-up you can PM me or email me.
To buy one of these excellent quality bumpers visit Raingler.

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