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OME Shocks and JKS Bar Pin Eliminator Install

Author: Black2001TJ

Why this write-up:
So, here's the deal, after searching like nuts over the Internet and other forums, I've seen folks say that Old Man Emu (OME) shocks and JKS Bar Pin Eliminators could be used together even though JKS says that they can't. This write-up will serve as a means to make them work in conjunction with each other, as I was unable to find an actual write-up, or how someone approached this combo!

My Issue:
I've had this horrible clunking from the front and rear since I installed the lift and finally figured out that it was the bar pins in the shocks causing this issue. It sucks, yeah, I know, it's just noise, but I imagine that it's causing more wear than necessary on the shock bushings as the shock moves back and forth on every bump. So, when I have the top off and doors off, all you hear is clunk clunk clunk down the road!

The Solution:
JKS Bar Pin Eliminators, which keep the shock from moving side to side on the pin.

The Problem with OME/JKS:
I think they says it's the pin being too large, but if you remember installing your Bar Pins in those shocks in the first place, it was just as much of a PITA as fitting this pin. I found another minor easily avoided issue, which has to do with putting the bolts into the BPEs, I'll point this out later!

Tools Needed:
I always forget to take a picture of this part, so off the top of my head...
I am showing you how to do the front, I would recommend following the same proceedure for the rear, except the pin is at the top, not the bottom of the shock as the front is.. I'm going to skip over how to remove a shock, if you already have OMEs or are installing them, it's easy, just remove the 17mm nut from the top of the shock and the 13mm nuts from the bottom and squeeze the shock together and pull out!

OEM bar pinHere is a picture of the old bar pin, you'll notice, I never installed the washers that would have helped a little bit with my issue, but according to 'drack, they are shipping weights

Not that difficult to remove these, you just gotta use the appropriate leverage. I chose to put a little grease on the opposite side of the pin I was going to pull through to help it "slip" out a little easier, then using a screwdriver, make a "T" by putting the screwdriver through the pin hole and pull while twisting. You could do the same thing and push if you'd like! This was fairly easy and took a minute to do.

Remove the OEM bar pin using a screwdriverRemove the OEM bar bin using a screwdriver

Here's a pic of the new setup assembled sort of, just missing the shock:

JKS Bar Pin Eliminator (BPE)

Grease the end of the JKS pinNow, put some grease on the end of the JKS pin that you are going to push through the shock. Use plenty of grease, even though it gets sloppy, it will make a huge difference in getting that darn pin through! Place the pin where it needs to go and just start pushing with your hand until it gets barely in, it will take a few seconds to get it to feel like it's going... Then, use the "T" technique to push the new pin in and give a good bit of pressure while twisting.. It will go, trust me, again, it will take an intense minute to do this!! If it's not "slippery" enough, add some more grease.

You should be feeling good about this now! Once you have the pin in the hole with equal distance on each side, turn the pin so that the bolts will go in sideways, rather than up and down. Here's the issue, the bottom of the OME shock is sooooo big, that you can't fit the bolt in the hole unless you do this. Maybe this is the other issue. Then put on the squares that come with the pin and slide each bolt in each side, and put a piece of tape on the bolt head, you'll see why in a second.

slide the pin into the shockslide the pin into the shock

You can now twist the hole pin so that the bolts are up and down, this should be easy as the inside of that shock bushing should be well lubricated from all that grease you put on. I did this by hand easily.

Now, compress the shock all the way and quickly crawl under your Jeep and as the shock decompresses, line it up on the bottom with your taped bolts and the top with the top of the shock bolt.. You've successfully kept the bolts in place now, so finger tighten the nuts onto each bottom bolt, then remove the tape and tighted up the 13mm bolt/nut. Also, put back on the top nut and tighten that puppy up as well. You are good to go, you've just successfully proven JKS wrong!

Install the shockInstall the shockInstall the shock

I like them, they don't clunk!!!!!!!!!! What more could I say??

Disclaimer: You can use these instructions however you choose, but I am not liable for anything you do. Please feel free to link to them from other sites, but you must get my permission first before copying them off of this site to elsewhere.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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