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Skid Row Oil Pan Install

Author: JaySea

Well since I did this at Paragon:


I realized that I needed to get some protection for my oil pan.....and since I have a 4cyl there aren't many options. So I went with the highly recommended Skid Row engine skid.

First thing you have to do to install this skid is to reverse your passenger side control arm bolt so that the bolt is facing will use this bolt as one of the mounting points for the skid.
Before switching:

passenger side control arm bolt

After switching:

passenger side control arm bolt reversed

Now that the bolt is switched around you can slide the skid onto the bolt (do not put the nut on until the end of the install)...the bolt slides into a hole in the side of the skid.

passenger side final

After sliding the skid into place, swing it up so you can attach the rear mount to the t-case the instructions it says to loosely install the bracket before putting it into place, but we had better luck not attaching it at all and putting it all together after we had swung it up into place.

rear mount:

rear mount

It screws in with 2 screws..the skid and the mount sandwich around the t-case skid, so it wont move up or down once in position.

After getting the back part into position, you can now mount the front mount (note the 6cyl version is a little different here). The mount goes from the front of the skid to a hole in the bottom of the motor mount frame, attach bolt and tighten down.

driver side rear mount

After tightening down all the bolts you will be helps to place a floor jack underneath the skid while you are working on it because it is big and heavy.

Finished picture:

final install

You can see how much coverage you get from this skid

Here's the hole in the bottom of the skid so you can change your oil without having to remove the skid every time:

oil drain hole

View of the coverage from the front:

front view

Side views:

passenger side view

driver side view

I feel a lot more comfortable now that I have this under my jeep

The install was pretty straight forward, and took about 10 minutes once we got the control arm bolt switched around....If you have any questions fire away!

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