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Jeep Transfer Case Drop Made Easy

Author: CoreyXJ

When adding a suspension lift, the driveline is moved down further away from the transfer case thereby altering the drive shaft angle. As many of you know this causes all sorts of side effects. Anything from rattling a little bit, to downright knockin your teeth out. I had a similar problem with my XJ's 3.5" lift. On the deceleration my drive shaft would vibrate to the point that people were looking at me wondering "What's that?" Although this write-up is about my XJ, it applies to other Jeeps including YJ's and TJ's.

To fix it I first tried axle shims....made it worse!

Then I called the ever-reliable Bob Supplee Supergod and he sent me a Tera-Flex T-case drop kit. There was much rejoicing.........

There really wasn't much to the kit. Here is one side of it...

Transfer case drop
It's just some spacers and a few bolts with lock washers...

The first thing I did was place the jack right under the center of the transfer case crossmember.

Place a jack under the center of the transfer case crossmember
Next, take the stock bolts out. On some models, you may have to keep them, some you don't, and some are studded (which is a pain in the butt...)

Mine were studded so I had to once again weld the nut to the stud and back 'er out slow......

Lower the jack about 1-1.5" down just enough to get the big silver spacers in there.

Lower the jack
Then try your best to line it all back up and set the four bolts first before tightening it all the way up. Remember, if you let the jack down, you've got the weight of the entire tranny, t-case and the back half of the engine. Don't force something that doesn't want to go and make sure your bolt marks are sort of where the factory bolts were. You can tell by the scratching they leave.

It should look like this:
Finished transfer case drop
Mosquito bitten and still out in my shop - CoreyXJ

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