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Jeep Wrangler (TJ) Starter Replacement

Author: CoreyXJ


Replacing a starter in a vehicle is easier than most people think. The hardest thing was getting the darn bolts out. The heads of the bolts were a star Torx type head. This made it very difficult to remove the starter. I ended up using a Damaged Nut and Bolt extractor set.
Here's what I used.
Tools used
A couple of things about handling starters. Don't bang them around! Permanent magnet starters are highly sensitive to hammering, shocks, and external pressure. The permanent magnets may be damaged and the starter rendered unserviceable, if subjected to any of these conditions. Do not connect the starter motor incorrectly when testing. Reverse polarity may damage the permanent magnets and render the starter unserviceable.

I chose to use 2 new bolts because the old ones were so damaged. They are 3/8"x4" and you'll need a 9/16" socket, with a 5/16" socket for the terminals.

Start by disconnecting and isolating the negative battery cable. Disconnect the battery cable and solenoid feed
wire from the starter solenoid. Remove the two starter mounting bolts, the starter motor, and any starter motor shims, if equipped.

Reverse the removal procedures to install. Tighten the starter hardware as follows :
Mounting bolts:
2.5L engine - 45 N-m (33 ft. lbs .)
4.OL engine (rear bolt) - 55 N-m (40 ft. lbs .)
4.OL engine (front bolt) - 41 N-m (30 ft. lbs .)
Solenoid battery cable nut - 10 N-m (90 in. lbs .)
Solenoid terminal nut - 6 N-m (55 in. lbs .)

Can you find the new starter here?? LOL
New and old starters
Here's what it looked like after it was all finished.
Installed starter
Its easy once you get past the exhaust and oil pan being in the way.
Good luck - CoreyXJ

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