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Jeep Cherokee CB Install

Author: CoreyXJ

Part of the "wheelin" experience is being able to communicate with your fellow wheelers. Having a CB is a helluva lot easier than yelling out the window or stopping and waiting to talk.... CB - Just key it up!

Follow along as I install a CB in my Jeep Cherokee.

First thing I did was mount the CB under the glove box using one of the screws on the bottom of the glove box. Using one of those as a support screw, put another screw into the bottom of the glove box to make sure it doesn't go anywhere. The wiring you can run right behind the carpet and over to the fusebox. Hook to a fuse that is switched with the ignition and ground it to the body right there by the fusebox.
CB installed in Jeep Cherokee XJ
The antenna was a little tricky because I chose to make it a fender mount. I measured how far down the factory AM/FM antenna was on the passenger side. I then drilled a hole in the same spot on the driver's side. I hollowed it out to 7/8" and then filed it out to about 1 1/8" to fit. I went to the Jeep dealer and bought the black trim piece that mounts to the fender. This piece is the base of the antenna. Then I used an antenna kit from Radio Shack.
Jeep antenna  mount
I bought a 3 foot Firestik antenna and assembled all the pieces. Access the fender from the bottom side through the wheel well. Pull the inner piece back and you can reach all the way up the fender.
Antenna mounting in fender
I made a back strap piece in the shape of a U for the entire assembly to screw through the center and mount in the hole just like a regular antenna does. I sealed around the edges with JB Weld just to make it super strong and then painted it all black.

Finished product....
Finished Jeep CB antenna mount
My handle..... Turkish


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