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Jeep YJ Radiator Replacement

Author: St.LJustin

This write up will show you the basic steps of the replacement of a radiator in a 95 YJ with the six cylinder engine. The process is very simple and probably the most time consuming part is draining and refilling the anitfreeze. This would also be a very good time to replace the upper and lower radiator hoses if they need to be replaced.

I bought my radiator from for only $147 with free shipping as of 3/04. It was the best price that I could find. Autozone wanted $300 and they didn't even have it in stock. The three row was only $30 more.

To begin, you of course need to drain the antifreeze in the old radiator that is if you still have any considering you're replacing the radiator which could only mean that it's leaking. The draincock on mine was on the backside on the passenger side. Just twist it counterclockwise if you're looking at it with the firewall behind you. Make sure you remove the radiator cap or else all the fluid will not drain completely. Hang onto it too since the new radiator doesn't come with a new cap. Also squeeze both the upper and lower hoses to get the fluids out of the hoses and the water pump. You can reuse this if it's not that old like I ended up doing. Just make sure the container is clean. If you're not going to reuse it you can usually take it to some place like Valvoline who will take it for free.

Antifreeze is very poisonous and the scent and color will attract animals and small children. Keep them away from it!

Radiator hosesThis picture shows the two main radiator hoses that need to be disconnected. The third hose is the overflow hose that connects at the top of the radiator right next to the filler cap. The next step is to remove the fan shroud. There are three bolts on each side. Once these bolts are removed the power steering reservoir can be pulled back and out of the way and the fan shroud can be pulled away from the radiator and slid back on the fan. Once you move the fan shroud away you can remove the radiator mounting bolts, three on each side.

Passenger side mounting holesDriver side mounting holes

Old radiatorHere are the radiator mounting holes. Once the bolts are removed, you can pull the radiator straight out of the Jeep. This is my old radiator and you can see where the fins have actually started falling out on the lower right corner and the leak was on the bottom of the radiator.
The next part is probably the hardest of the install. You must slide the new radiator into place without bending the fins. If any of you have read a writeup for this, then you probably saw that the best way to keep the fins protected from the fan and fan shroud is to put a large piece of cardboard between the new radiator and the fan shroud when sliding the radiator in.

Use cardboard to protect the fins from the shroud Once you get the radiator in place you can pull the cardboard out. Now you can put all the mounting bolts back in for the radiator. Don't forget to mount the breather tube for the front axle back on when you put in the middle bolt on the driver's side.

Attach the axle breather tubeOnce you mount the radiator with the six bolts you can mount the fan shroud. Make sure you don't forget to remount the power steering reservoir with the top two fan shroud mounting bolts on the driver's side.

Final installAfter`that you can reattach the upper and lower radiator hoses as well as the overflow hose which attaches right next to the filler cap. Now just refill the radiator with your anitfreeze/water mixture and make sure that there aren't any air pockets or bubbles by squeezing the hoses. You're all done with your radiator replacement so start it up, let it warm up to normal operating temp (when the upper hose gets warm) and check for any leaks. Hope this is useful and please let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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