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Install TJ Fender Flares On A ZJ

Author: Swamp Boy
In this write-up, I'll describe how I mounted TJ flares on my ZJ. One thing to remember, always use appropriate safety equipment! With that in mind, get a set of TJ flares. I got a set off of a rolled over 2002 TJ from the local bone yard. They where scuffed, but let's face it, I am not building a Mall Queen. So once you have the fender flares...

Take one of them and mark out where you want to cut and drill. I cut about 6" to 8" off the bottom of my flare so I could end it nicely on the middle of the fender trim crap which I removed before cutting.

Here is a picture of me marking the fender
mark the mounting points for the flare
I had a friend stand back and eyeball it to make sure it was at least visually level. Below are the marks I made before cutting and drilling the fender.
Mark where the flare will be mounted
Cutting in process...
Cutting the fender
Make sure you cut well outside your line. You only get one chance - if you cut it to far, you are screwed!

Here is my finish cut on passenger side.
Final passenger fender
Some places are not reachable with the grinder and a special fine cutting instrument is used here.
Cut the fender
Then I bolted the flares on ... I used 1" 1/4 stainless nuts and 1/2 inch washers and non reversible aircraft.
Attach the flare to the fender
Then I moved to the other fender.
cut the driver side fender
I know I haven't mentioned it yet but make sure you wear eye protection. Try to get something better than my nifty hand guard.
Use eye protection!!
And of course the finishing touch on the driver's fender.
Finish cutting the driver's fender
I didn't get any pictures of the back fender because I didn't cut them, I only drew holes and drilled them. I bolted them to the door first, closed the door and screwed them to the door itself. Then I closed the door and screwed the rest of the fender flare in. Then I took a grinder and cut right on the door seam so I can open and close the door.

Here is a picture of the finished product
Installed flares
and the back
Rear installed flare
Jeep Grand Cherokee with installed flares
And as always, you know where to reach me should you have questions.

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