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Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Snorkel

Author: Swamp Boy

As you may know the snorkel for the Jeep Grand Cherokee is expensive and hard to find. I hate to spend my money on parts that cost a lot and give me little by way of return.. Meaning, why spend $400 when I can spend $40? So when it came time to put a snorkel on my rig, I decided to go at it in typical Swampy fashion - CHEAP. I started long ago with a cold air intake. You will have to start by removing your stock airbox. Go to Lowes, Home Depot or a similar hardware store and pick up the following: 4--90º angles, 3--45º angles and two compression fittings along with about 15' of 2" PVC. You'll also need an empty paint can (they sell them in the paint dept.)
Go home and get ready...

Start by cutting a hole through the fender right about here...
Cut a hole in the fender
That is just in front of the washer reservoir. That is a temp gauge lead running across there.

Then I cut a slightly bigger hole on the outside of the fender so that the 90º would fit inside.
Cut a larger hole in the outside of the fender

I ran mine along the fender and then turned it up, then spun it and routed it along the windshield.
run the tube along the fender

Then I put another 45º at the top and a 90º along with a 2<4" adapter for a cap.
Install a 45 and 90 degree angle along the top

So that finishes the outside... Once I got it all fitted together I glued it together. Be careful, there is no turning back if it's assembled wrong.

I painted it white to make it match my Zebra paint job.

Now onto the inside... I took a paint can and cut a hole in the top and the bottom. I used the compression type fittings and put the nut on the inside and tightened it as much as I could. Then I used black caulk around the edges to seal it. Do this on the top and bottom. I don't have a clear picture of this step but I have this...
seal the top and bottom of the paint can

You can see that its just a union sticking out of the can lid, which is on the inside so that you can change filters. Then it just hooks up to the rubber intake tube and onto my stock throttle body cover (this one came off a Honda CRX.)
Connect the union to the lid of the paint can

I used black caulk on every single seam. There are absolutely no leaks in the system. It's so tight that if I hold my hand over the inlet, the engine will choke out and stall.. The underhood stuff will be unique based on what intake tube you use. Like I said, mine is from an 88 CRX.

As a bit of add on, I am not happy with the thickness of the paint can. The 5.2L engine is very strong and I can hear the can wrinkle when there is force (acceleration) on it. So I made another trip to the bone yard and picked up this.
new airbox

It's the airbox out of a Hyundai Elantra. I can use the filters for that unit instead of finding one to fit in a paint can. I will take more photos when I get it finished up. I need to cut the tabs off of it and seal the box.

Oh ... And no snorkel installation is complete without a way for the exhaust to get out, so I did this:
Jeep Grand Cherokee exhaust extension

It is removable so I can still look like a pimp around town.
Jeep Grand Cherokee exhaust

And that's my snorkel project. Let me know if you have any questions.


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